The MyNotifi fall detection device is the most cost-effective

wearable alert system out there:

  • No call center necessary.

  • No contracts or paperwork.

  • No equipment installations or maintenance.

  • 24/7 notifications to family and friends.

  • Use with any smartphone and/or the Mynotifi Wifi hub (included).

  • A full charge will last 24 to 48 hours depending on use.

Buying MyNotifi means a ONE TIME purchase, with no on-going costs or contracts. Competitors charge monthly fees and commonly require a service contract.

MyNotifi® is a fall detection technology designed to alert family and friends if a fall occurs. The wearer receives both a belt clip and wristband for increased flexibility in various situations. No landline, no monthly fees and no contract.MyNotifi® devices work anywhere the wearer goes, providing independence, freedom and peace of mind. MyNotifi® can be worn discreetly in a shirt (chest) pocket, bra, waistline, or on the wrist in times of lower activity. MyNotifi® is the only product on the market that offers you the choice of where and how you wear your device

Now mom and dad can live at home, exercise to maintain strength, and stay connected to loved ones in the event of a fall.




Falling is the number one cause of death in the aged population and can be very expensive to treat. MyNotifi® is a one of a kind wrist wearable device that links the patient directly to loved ones and caregivers. MyNotifi™ detects the fall and automatically sends a message for assistance to anyone previously selected by the user. No button to push, no voice response necessary. Help is on the way.

Fall Detection in a Wristband or Belt Clip
MyNotifi® is a fall detection device that is worn on the wrist or belt and connects directly to the user’s smart device. Since MyNotifi® is worn on the wrist or on the belt line and is smart app driven, it can travel with you maintaining a continuous fall detection signal. In other words, the user is not relegated to the house as is the case if they are linked via a land line. Many or our aged population desire to live at home and MyNotifi® allows them to do so, while keeping them in close contact with loved ones.

Immediate Fall Notification to Family and designated Caregivers
In the event of a fall, MyNotifi™ sends a text to friends, family members, loved ones, and even providers informing them whether or not the person using MyNotifi™ is conscious. This unique feature gives you the user, family members, friends, and care givers the ability to communicate more quickly in an effort to better for care for mom and dad.

MyNotifi®HUB makes using MyNotifi®even more easy and convenient for you. The HUB simply plugs into your standard wall outlet and into your internet via a supplied 1thernet cable. The MyNotifi® device then uses your internet to keep you connected to your family and friends.

Our built-in safety features go beyond fall detection.
We often hear how family members find loved ones after hours of lying on the floor or being incapacitated for some reason. It is known that with each passing hour, the rate of survival diminishes. With this in mind, we are pleased to offer MyNotifi®, not only for fall detection, but for the mitigating features encoded into the device. These features greatly diminish the potential of finding loved ones in compromised situations where time is of the essence.

Encourage Mobility
Additionally, MyNotifi® is pre-set with 38 exercises designed to enhance range of motion of the upper and lower extremities, as well as to increase overall strength.

A better sensor of security.
You want them to stay safe. They want to stay independent. Now there’s a simple, wearable device that balances the two. MyNotifi® uses wireless Bluetooth technology to keep you in the know in an emergency without the limitations of other medical alert systems. Only MyNotifi® offers all of these benefits.


MyNotifi® meets all FDA Class I (Exempt) device regulationsand is HIPAA secured for your privacy.
MyNotifi® Gives Unparalleled Mobility, Comfort, & Peace Of Mind

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