Caregiver 411

Our Caregiver 411 guides are designed to provide appropriate valuable information for all Caregivers. The needs of Caregivers fall in to several general groups, first time caregiver, including short term care in the case of an unexpected illness or accident, time to time care, assisting with day to day issues and long-term caregiving dealing with a specific disease or disability be it physical or mental.  Our guides contain information empowering caregivers with useful advice as well as access to helpful care related websites, coupons for discounts on care equipment and information on our care referral hotline. Guides include useful Information, questions to ask the professionals, things a caregiver should know, and tips covering short and long term and long-term caregiving.

Caregivers can choose from any of the following kits:

  • 411 Specific disease kit

    • Alzheimers

    • Dementia

    • Renal Disease

  • 411 Disability or Injury kit

    • Broken Hip

    • Falling issues

    • Vision Problems