What is a Caregiver?

A caregiver is an individual who has volunteered or felt compelled to assist or provide a helping hand to a spouse, relative or friend. Being a caregiver is a responsibility that is rewarding and vital to a persons well being and may be arduous at the same time. It is a commitment of time, energy and other resources. Many caregivers do small things like arranging medications, ordering household staples or cooking a meal, often not seeing themselves as a caregiver.  Family care giving is never easy and can be complicated and is a real world necessity.  We believe that family caregivers should receive credit where credit is due as too often their efforts go unacknowledged


What is the Network?

The network encompasses all the companies and individuals that provide products and services caregivers need and want. 


Our Mission

CRN strives to connect a wide community of personal caregivers and care organizations serving millions of individuals and families in need of daily, weekly and long term care.  CRN provides the non- professional personal caregivers (family members, friends and relatives), care services providers and care recipients with educational information, resources and tools to enhance the quality life for all parties in the care community. We are committed to the emotional, physical,  intellectual and social needs of both caregivers and care recipients. 

Our Vision

CRN is dedicated to helping caregivers understand their importance in the world of caregiving and to provide the necessary information to perform their functions on a daily basis. We strive to redefine the real world jobs of non professional caregivers based on today's care realities. Being both a source of information for caregivers and a network of organizations providing the services necessary will empower the care community to improve their quality of life and maintain personal dignity for all.

Our Philosophy

We believe caregivers need easy access to care resources, enabling a better quality of life for themselves and those they care for.  We aspire to empower millions of caregivers throughout our country to discover the resources available to them as caregivers. "It is difficult to care for someone if you don't care for yourself" This is key to our philosophy and motto "I CARE".



Family Caregiver magazine is the flagship publication of CRN designed to reach the growing caregiver population. The CRN website is designed to provide information, resources and tools for the use of caregivers everywhere on a daily basis.



CRN is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation funded through membership, charitable contributions, endowments and other fund raising activities related to the caregiver community.

Robert Rosen
Executive Director
Wayne Laszlo
VP Development